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Before you read the rest of this post, please, please, please, watch the YouTube video below. It will take about 30 seconds of your time.

Ok. As you saw, the above was a paid political advertisement by the Hillary for President campaign in 2008. She was campaigning for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States. Since then, Barack H. Obama became President, appointing her as Secretary of State.

Then Benghazi happened. If you aren’t aware of the controversy surrounding that issue, I suggest you do a quick Google search for it.

I ask you this. If she couldn’t make the right decisions as Secretary of State, why should we believe she would make the right decisions with even MORE authority?



I was at the store today and found myself walking behind a male who was choosing to sag his jeans. I noticed something, he was walking weirdly. I can’t quite call it a duck-walk. But, I theorize, do to his sagged jeans, he was swinging his feet out further than what is a normal gait. It was like his knee was a ball-joint, rather than a hinge. It was strange. Then I went home a did a little research. It’s been theorized that “sagging” can lead to sexual disfunction and “improper gait”.

So, those who would sag, for your health and our sanity.. don’t. Just don’t.






This “Baroque Four Seasons” is not what I expected. =/ I mean, granted, it IS relaxing… but I was expecting more standard classical music and less harpsichord. I only have myself to blame though. What did I really expect from Baroque music?

My back hurts, in the right shoulder-blade. Maybe writing at this time was a bad idea… =( Yeah, it was…

More tomorrow.



I received a letter from Ed last night. Wrote back immediately. Some might say I was lonely.. and they would be correct. =/ It’s nice to hear from her and about the guild. I wish I could be more active in it. I feel guilty, being an absentee officer. =/

Anyway, I also received some books yesterday. I’m already reading “Swan Song“. It’s good, but depressing so far. I mean, how light-hearted can a book about the aftermath of nuclear war be? It’s to be expected.

I was also sent a new journal. It’s physically larger and very nice. :) It’s unlined, which causes me some concern, but I’ll live with it. The secret is to not make lots of journal entries to finish up this one, so I can start on the new one. I can see myself doing that. =/

I had a medical call-out this morning. I thought/hoped it would be w/ Dr. Mayo, so I brought my medical records. Of course, it was just a blood draw. Silly me, for a minute there I actually was deluded into thinking Dr. Mayo gave a shit. Speaking of which, it’s been over a month since I provided my “sample”, and still no word on what the results were, if any.

Anyway, more later… Must fill up this journal. ;)



Very aggravated right now. Can people NOT construct a sentence without using “fucking” within it!?! Ugh!

I mean, I’m not a prude or anything, but this crude language is getting to me. It makes me almost want to cry with how often it’s slung around. It makes me want to sleep, I just want to avoid having to hear every 5th word being “fuckin’ this” and “fuckin’ that”.

Please, Lord, save me from this place. Save me from bashing my skull against the wall, just to escape. Save me from myself. =(

Short today. Having trouble holding it together. Gonna try to read and take my mind out of here.



Finally we were able to get out to the “yard” today. The previous two days we were locked down for yard because of the “cherry picker” on the compound changing out light bulbs in the poles. Why they do this when the days are getting longer (vs winter and shorter) is anyone’s guess. Typical DoC thinking.

Speaking of DoC thinking, I’ve realized the entire system is set up against me, hoping I fail. This isn’t paranoia (and even if it was, I wouldn’t recognize it as such), but a designed effort to set us at odds with staff.

Instead of helping us respect authority, to live within the bounds proscribed, we are ordered around by caricatures of everything that would make us wish to rebel. “Eat now, taste it later!”, “Stand over here. Now over there!”, “No talking in line!”, “Stay to the right of the yellow line!”, “Pick up trash!”, and being yelled at by the most vocal voice in the chow-hall that there should be no talking in the chow-hall.

It teaches us to resent all authority, to look for ways to break the rules, to train us that rules are arbitrarily laid down without a governing reason behind them.

Can you think of anything more at odds with rehabilitation?



I’m tired of this crap. Every day the same as another, with no hope of moving forward. I’m surrounded by idiots who are not interested in expanding themselves. They view me as weak, and I’m not! Part of me wants to fight, even if I lose, just so people can see I have a breaking point.

I was thinking the other day about how hurt I am that Elena abandoned me for all intents and purposes. I know I screwed up, I know I broke the law, but her not even writing so I can explain my side of the story is a level of cold I didn’t know she was capable of. Especially at me, who would have gone through hell for her. It’s like kicking the crippled puppy because it can’t fetch the ball. (Damn, that analogy bummed me out!)

On the other hand, am I any better? All “Badger” wanted to do was love me. Yet I’m scared of becoming husband #5. =/ She, admittedly, does not have the best track record with relationships. Also, the fact that we had such wildly different faiths concerned me more than I thought it would. =(

Perhaps it’s better for everyone if I live out my days alone. =/



Not a bad day today, except Ofc. Severs was on the rag. =/ Oh well. I’m gonna treat him like McCreary. He wants attention and to get a rise out of us. The best way to shut him down is to not feed into his power struggle.

Very funny Big Bang tonight. Indy Jones. Truth or Dare. Girls night out. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! ;)

Alternating between reading 1984 and The Fountainhead. Both are not inconsequential reads.

Don’t feel like writing more Ouroboros tonight, so I won’t. Blah! Hehehehehe.

I hope it will be easier to write when I have a keyboard in front of me. =/

Anyway, off to read more of Big Brother.



Had a good visit with Mom & Dad today. Yum-Yums! :)

So glad they came today. I find I live for visitation. :)

After “viso”, they didn’t let us return to our dorms. They brought the dogs in to sniff the visitation park and the parking lot. They also shook down B-dorm… again.

When will B-dorm learn to stop smuggling crap in!? Probably never *eye roll*

They (meaning staff) also inspected hair & facial hair for A & D dorms. Lots of people suddenly went bald when I was at visitation. ;) Mu-hahahahaha

Ugh… Swamp is weaving another conspiracy web of crap to DC. I don’t know how he (DC) can stand spending so much time with Swamp. Sheesh.

Ok. Off to read more. I’ll follow-up tomorrow.