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Visited w/ Mom & Dad today. V. good. :) Had lots of chicken (but not fried, hehehehe) in honor of MLK day.

Today was also the public inauguration of Obama’s 2nd term. Ugh. Made it a point to have as little exposure to that farce as possible.

Call me a stick in the mud, (where did that term come from anyway?) but I don’t think holding a multi-million dollar party is the way to proceed when the country is in the state it is. Especially when it’s the taxpayers (who are already getting soaked) who are being forced to pick up the tab. =/

Looking forward to my MP3 player. They took the money out for it last week, so hopefully I should get it this week. Hopefully.

Looking forward to 12-step books. Really looking forward to freedom, and all it entails. :)

Ok. Time to pack up the journal. More tomorrow.

Same Bat-time. Same Bat-channel. ;)



Thank God for ear plugs! Jeff is especially loud and profane tonight. =( Right now he’s talking about how much he wants to stick his dick in some actresses ass.

It’s when he gets this way that I really hate this place. It wouldn’t be so bad, if it was just quiet. =/ Sometimes I consider intentionally being sent to confinement, just for silence.

Rebels stormed our U.S. embassies in Libya & Egypt. They killed our ambassador & aids in Libya. The Libyan authorities just looked on.

That’s an act of war. Embassies are considered home soil. The fact that it happened on Sept. 11th is also no coincidence, I’m sure.

Anyway, off to either read scriptures or Don Quixote. :)



Inspection didn’t go well, which is surprising. I thought we did well.

Tonight is the last night of the RNC. Very interested in hearing Marco Rubio & Romney.

Dad’s been approved for visitation, but not Mom yet. I’ll probably get a notice about her tomorrow night. :) It will be nice to see them again. Last time was through a pane of plexiglass. =/

Next in “Left Behind” series was mutilated. Grrrr. Back cover & last couple pages missing. What’s the point of reading a book if you can’t read it’s conclusion?

Still not king, damn-it. Hehehehehe

Also, no “Clash of Kings”. Have to believe it’s coming tomorrow.

No letter from “B” in about 2 weeks it feels like. If nothing tomorrow, I’ll write a letter to see what’s up. Concerned.

Miss freedom. Find myself fantasizing about the open road often. I think it’s a healthy fantasy, and better than other things I could be dwelling on.

Really starting to think transportation gig is locked in. :)



Inspection tomorrow – Meh

Isaac coverage still on TV – Aggravating

New Orleans flooding – Smug “I told you so”

Read “Left Behind” in about 26 hours. Very fast read, and not really doctrinally different than my understanding of LDS doctrine, but I could be wrong. Pleasant read, much better than my last “Christian” book I read here, “The Unseen Essential”. That was a little too “pat” and made the suspension of disbelief difficult.

Ann Romney was good last night, and it makes me upset to see the liberal media try to pick her speech apart, but then I remember they are the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Still stings, but puts it in context.

So hopefully “Clash of Kings” will arrive soon. =/ I could always read “Tribulation Force” too.

Anyway, close enough. I want to listen to the talking heads. I’ll try not to yell at the radio. ;)