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Remembered two dreams I had last night. Weird how they came back to me in the middle of the day. =/

The first was set in our old Langhorne home. I was bringing a female friend home. Not for nookie or anything like that. She wasn’t a girlfriend, I know that. Just a friend who happened to be a girl.

Anyway, she met Elena, who was there for some reason. Then I have to leave the house for some reason. I’m not gone long, maybe 30 minutes. When I come back I find one girl straddling the others lap (I don’t remember who). They are kissing. Some might say lip locked.

I just stand in the doorway, frozen. When I can finally speak, I can just ask “Oh. So this is the way it’s gonna be, huh?” The girl on top breaks the kiss and says, unapologetically, “Yeah, it is.”

That woke me up in the night, I guess it was a nightmare. =/ Even in my dreams I pine for, but can never have, Elena. She’s always just outside my reach. =(

The second dream had me working for Geek Squad again, but Best Buy had gone out of business. So Geek Squad was acquired by Radio Shack, of all outfits.

So it was a busy time in the store, and I’m trying to keep ahead. Suddenly someone tells me the coffin cooler where the milk is stored has failed, and the milk is going to spoil. Yes, in the middle of Radio Shack was a coffin cooler with gallon jugs of milk in it. I feel the jugs and, sure enough, they are just below room temperature. The cooler failed a while ago. All I can think of is “I have no idea how to fix this!”. Yet I know I must, as Radio Shack now sells milk, and I don’t want to let my employer down.

Then I woke up. =/

It’s strange. I never used to remember my dreams. Now I am all of a sudden, and both deal with my being incapable of getting what I want. =(

On the other hand, today I really have an urge to learn how to solder. =/



Woke up with Elena on my mind. I think she will forever be “the one that got away” to me. Which is stupid, because if we carry the metaphor along, she was never even on my hook. =/

Still, I loved her. I still love her. I will probably always be in love with her. I always thought the concept of “love at first sight” was clichĂ©, but here I am, a living testament to it.

I remember the first time I saw her. She was talking to Nikki I believe in computers. She was leaning against one of the tables and laughing. It was then that my heart crossed the line. I didn’t even know her name yet, but I knew I wanted her in my life. Forever.

But it’s all for naught. She won’t even write me. I don’t blame her. I had plenty of opportunity to tell her what I was facing, but never did. Besides that, the charge itself is pretty gruesome. =/

Realizing she’s gone, and accepting it are two totally different things.



Oh. My. God.

This made my day.




So, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Every time I try to set aside time to write, something else comes up.

I’ve been fired from Best Buy. I’m not too happy about that, but there isn’t a whole lot I can do =/ For the past 3 weeks I’ve been burning up the web trying to find something to keep the money flowing. =/

I’m still planning on going to school. Come hell or high water, I’m going to get an education. I’m actually looking forward to college again. That will probably change once I’m actually back in school. lol

I’ve received my laptop, and am playing around with different versions of Linux on it. Maybe it’s the geek in me (I might have been fired, but I’m still a geek, damn it!), I just can’t leave well enough alone. For example, I’ve gotten Ubuntu set up how I wanted it. I’ve fixed a webcam issue. It’s working… and I’m considering blowing it away and putting OpenSuse on it. lol

Anyway, gonna go. Not sure if I’m gonna go see the new HP movie again today, or if I’m just gonna hang around at home. *shrug*


What is this crap? I need to be up by 5am, go to bed at 1:30, and wake up at 4????

Seriously body, 2 1/2 hours sleep???


Anyway.. yesterday I was thinking (that’s why the blog is called what it is!). I don’t like still being mad at Ashley.

Don’t get be wrong, I have NO intention of getting back together with her, nor even being her friend. But staying mad at someone for SOOOO long wears on you, you know?

I was in the break room when she came into it. I finished my drink quickly and left without even acknowledging her existence. We never speak unless it is about her need for me to create a work order for a client.

I know she’s dating someone at the store. I know who. I don’t really care.

I know she did what she did with forethought. She set out to seduce Ken, and she did.

I just wish she would at some point apologize for the way she treated me. I’d like to put this all behind me. It was never really closed.

But, I know she’s too immature for that. She’s a child, and she’s acting like what she is.


It feels like I’ve been working a LOT recently. Which is odd, considering my hours have actually gone down over the last week or two.

Anyway, it feels nice to be getting my finances in order. I’ve totally paid off three of the four credit cards I have. This just leaves Capital One, which is the one with the highest balance. *sigh* It’s gonna be a while until that one is paid off.




I don’t know why I try anymore. I really don’t. Everything I know turns to shit.

Married a woman. Thought I was happy. Had the house, the cars, the dog and cat.

OVER. Divorced. She’s pregnant from another man before the divorce is even finalized.

Fell in love with a great girl. Thought maybe she was the reason life had me go through the divorce.

She’s a bisexual and doesn’t reciprocate. I try to play it cool, be a friend, maybe see if she’ll come around.

Never does. Barely even speak to her anymore.

Find what I think is another great girl. She’s younger, but I thought she was mature for her age. She’s been through a lot, so I figure that’s aged her somewhat. She says she loves me, I tell her I love her too.

DUMPED. Sucks another guys dick before we break up. Never speak to her (not that I want to really).

Find ANOTHER woman. Connect to her on such a deep level. Love her. Talk about raising a family with her.

She’s married, an unhappy marriage. But now I’m the home wrecker.

I give up. I can’t ever get what I want, so why even try?

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m gonna die alone. I’m going to leave nothing behind. Nothing to say I was here.

I’ve failed. Everyone wants to leave their mark. Mine is in chalk. Bring the rain and erase all trace of me.


I just received a call from Josh, my supervisor at Geek Squad.

Last night I decided to be a nice guy and help a couple out. Their video card had gone out and their know-it-all son had sent them another. Unfortunately, it was an AGP card, when they needed a PCI Express. They were down on their luck, and tight on money. I sold them the right video card at normal price and installed it for them at the counter at no cost.

We normally charge $49.99 for that. But, as I said, they were tight on money. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. So I decided to try to help them out. I didn’t charge the install fee, and I didn’t make a service order. I simply installed the card and sent them on their way with instructions that they needed to install the video card drivers from the CD that came with the card.

Apparently no good deed goes unpunished. They came back today because they couldn’t get it to work. They couldn’t understand why the agents at the counter couldn’t do it right then and there, and why they wanted to charge.

*eye roll* I’m pretty sure I’m gonna at least get bitched at by Josh and/or a manager. I might even get written up.

I try to be a nice guy, and get in trouble. I follow SOP, and I get in trouble.

This is such utter and complete bullshit.


You know.. I really hate to complain (I know, that seems to be all I do on this blog recently) about work. There are plenty of people who would love to have a job in this economy, shitty or not.

It just seems like Best Buy is cutting really deep. I don’t know if this is indicative of a larger issue. A manager told me a couple weeks ago that the last couple years have not been kind to Best Buy. I say that on a public forum like this because, hell.. look at our stock prices over the last 24 months. =/

Anyway.. today I come in to work at 3pm to find that one of the agents has called out. His fiance is about to pop any day now, so I can’t really fault him for missing work. Josh is leaving at 3, Kyle at 4. I’ll be all by myself for the rest of the evening. Oh, and did I mention that since it’s Monday, I have to get ALL the shipping done that’s been piling up over the weekend? While helping clients. While trying to answer the phone? While trying to decide if units that customers have returned are able to be put back out for resale?

It was not the best day in the world.. not the best day at all. =/

Anyway, to get back to my other point. I’m starting to think that maybe the days of the big-box retailers are numbered. How can we compete with the selection of Amazon? We can’t compete with the pricing usually. Hell, most Blu-rays I order from there myself. Their pricing sometimes even beats my employee discount.

Circuit City went belly up and was bought by They also own CompUSA too. Staples, Officemax, and Office Depot? Give me a break? When was the last time that you went in one of their locations and didn’t feel yourself rattle in there? I know that at least for the last 5 years, in both Indiana and here whenever I would enter an office supply store that I’m usually the ONLY customer in the store. A business can’t survive like that.

h.h. Gregg? Even pricier than Best Buy. Wal-Mart undersells a lot of other retailers. Their business model seems high volume, low profit. It seems to be working for them, so more power to them.

I know the only reason that my Best Buy is in the location it is is because most senior citizens are reluctant to order things online. They want to handle things with their own wrinkled and arthritic hands. But they are dying off. How much longer can we remain profitable when more and more people become more comfortable ordering online?

Listened to: One Of My Turns from the album “The Wall [Disc 1]” by Pink Floyd


I don’t wanna come off lunch. Matt will be leaving RIGHT after I come back, then I’ll be left to fend off these idiots for the rest of the night. Grrrr.

What kind of idiot schedules a customer service job to only one person for three fucking hours anyway???

I can’t wait to hear it “Is there anybody else who can help me?”

Yes bitch, there is an entire army of Geek Squad agents behind the curtain just jerking off to a picture of your wrinkly, retired, smelly ass on the monitor.

*sigh* Gonna be one of those nights, I can tell you right now.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. What have I contributed to the world? Have I made a difference? What does my future hold?

I’ved come to some stark realizations. I haven’t contributed anything. Sure, I’ve survived.. but what does that mean anymore? Yes, I continue to draw breath, convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. So maybe I’ve saved a plant or two. But so does the average sheep.

Have I made a difference? Nope. I know I had potential. I know people say I’m smart. Maybe I am. But I haven’t done anything with that. Nothing at all. I’m a divorced man 36-year old man, living with mommy and daddy. How pathetic. I work a job that more and more looks like a monkey could do it. The sad part? I actually enjoy it usually.

What does my future hold? I have no idea. I don’t even know if I hope to have a future.

Every night I drive home from work with my window down (have I mentioned that living in Florida in the summer with no AC and only 1 window that rolls down SUCKS?), and part of me hopes I’ll be car jacked. I figure one of three things will happen.

1) I’ll get shot or stabbed because I won’t hand over my car. I’ll actually dare them to kill me. =/ Just to release me from this husk of a life.

2) I’ll piss or shit myself.

3) I’ll be a smart ass and try to grab the persons arm and accelerate. I must admit a perverse amusement to this idea, seeing how fast they can run as I turn the tables on them.

Yes, I know I’m depressed. I don’t like having these thoughts. I’ve had them for over 6 months.

I put on a happy face. Rarely do I let people know that I’m dying inside, and long for the outside to match the inside.

I know I should get help. I know these feelings will lead me to a dark place where no good can come of it.

I just don’t care anymore. About me or about life. Let the rest of the populace scurry about for their cheese. I just want to punch my time card and leave.

Can I get my parking validated?