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I received a letter from Ed last night. Wrote back immediately. Some might say I was lonely.. and they would be correct. =/ It’s nice to hear from her and about the guild. I wish I could be more active in it. I feel guilty, being an absentee officer. =/

Anyway, I also received some books yesterday. I’m already reading “Swan Song“. It’s good, but depressing so far. I mean, how light-hearted can a book about the aftermath of nuclear war be? It’s to be expected.

I was also sent a new journal. It’s physically larger and very nice. :) It’s unlined, which causes me some concern, but I’ll live with it. The secret is to not make lots of journal entries to finish up this one, so I can start on the new one. I can see myself doing that. =/

I had a medical call-out this morning. I thought/hoped it would be w/ Dr. Mayo, so I brought my medical records. Of course, it was just a blood draw. Silly me, for a minute there I actually was deluded into thinking Dr. Mayo gave a shit. Speaking of which, it’s been over a month since I provided my “sample”, and still no word on what the results were, if any.

Anyway, more later… Must fill up this journal. ;)



Hot today as well.. Bleh!

Had a nice visit with the folks today. Yummy food. We played to games of Scrabble. Both Mom & Dad won a game each. LOL. Love to say I let them win, but they are playing more often, so they have more practice.

Grandpop is probably not going to last 30 days, so says his physician. Kidneys are shutting down. =/ While I don’t WANT him to pass, he’s live a good life. There comes a time when we all must return to that father in heaven who gave us life.

Who knows? Perhaps I’ll perform Mike’s work on the same day as Grandpop’s. *shrug*

Finished my letter to Ed & mailed it. Told her about my recent trouble with thievery. Hope to hear back from her soon. :)



Had a good visit with Mom & Dad today. Yum-Yums! :)

So glad they came today. I find I live for visitation. :)

After “viso”, they didn’t let us return to our dorms. They brought the dogs in to sniff the visitation park and the parking lot. They also shook down B-dorm… again.

When will B-dorm learn to stop smuggling crap in!? Probably never *eye roll*

They (meaning staff) also inspected hair & facial hair for A & D dorms. Lots of people suddenly went bald when I was at visitation. ;) Mu-hahahahaha

Ugh… Swamp is weaving another conspiracy web of crap to DC. I don’t know how he (DC) can stand spending so much time with Swamp. Sheesh.

Ok. Off to read more. I’ll follow-up tomorrow.



Cloudy day this morning, but not cold thankfully. This afternoon is Ray Charles’s daughter. *eye roll*

Swamp is being annoying. He asks a question to everyone on the wing. Sometimes I think he just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Bleh.

Butthole hurts from big poop this morning. Hope I can squat and produce on command tomorrow.

Such lovely things to preserve for posterity, isn’t it? ;)

Anyway, enough drivel for now.



Music credits showed up today and were very quickly redeemed. Yay! Something other than the same 9 songs! :)

Today we were greeted with our bunks and lockers being tossed during 2nd red. Fun. Was very pissed that they didn’t make any effort to treat personal property with respect. Should grieve it, but don’t want to make waves.

Bought a 2x thermal top today. Wonder if I bought my stolen one back. =/ Oh well, at least I won’t be cold at night.

Pic kicked my ass at Scrabble this afternoon. 97 to 198, I think. lol

Finished buying the last of my replacement toiletries today. Hopefully they will remain there until the domino is drilled properly. =/ That was supposed to be today, but they ran into technical difficulties. Tomorrow then.

Anyway, nothing else to report. More tomorrow.



The fact that Elena dropped me like a hot potato has been bugging me since I had that dream. On one hand, she really didn’t have any obligation to me. We weren’t going out, after all. But, I thought we were friends. It really does hurt, that she couldn’t even be bothered to write me once, if even to say she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. =(

Is it enough to snuff the torch I carry/carried for her? I can’t be sure. I wish I could say yes, because this unrequited love I have for her usually borders on painful. =(

But, the lovesick puppy I am, I’d probably eat mud pies if it would make her happy. =/

Love sucks.



Remembered two dreams I had last night. Weird how they came back to me in the middle of the day. =/

The first was set in our old Langhorne home. I was bringing a female friend home. Not for nookie or anything like that. She wasn’t a girlfriend, I know that. Just a friend who happened to be a girl.

Anyway, she met Elena, who was there for some reason. Then I have to leave the house for some reason. I’m not gone long, maybe 30 minutes. When I come back I find one girl straddling the others lap (I don’t remember who). They are kissing. Some might say lip locked.

I just stand in the doorway, frozen. When I can finally speak, I can just ask “Oh. So this is the way it’s gonna be, huh?” The girl on top breaks the kiss and says, unapologetically, “Yeah, it is.”

That woke me up in the night, I guess it was a nightmare. =/ Even in my dreams I pine for, but can never have, Elena. She’s always just outside my reach. =(

The second dream had me working for Geek Squad again, but Best Buy had gone out of business. So Geek Squad was acquired by Radio Shack, of all outfits.

So it was a busy time in the store, and I’m trying to keep ahead. Suddenly someone tells me the coffin cooler where the milk is stored has failed, and the milk is going to spoil. Yes, in the middle of Radio Shack was a coffin cooler with gallon jugs of milk in it. I feel the jugs and, sure enough, they are just below room temperature. The cooler failed a while ago. All I can think of is “I have no idea how to fix this!”. Yet I know I must, as Radio Shack now sells milk, and I don’t want to let my employer down.

Then I woke up. =/

It’s strange. I never used to remember my dreams. Now I am all of a sudden, and both deal with my being incapable of getting what I want. =(

On the other hand, today I really have an urge to learn how to solder. =/



Credits were not on my music account today. Boo-hiss-pout. ;) Hopefully they will be on tomorrow. My 9 songs are all well and good, but listening to them over and over gets repetitive. =/

Sat in medical all of 2nd yard today to see Dr. Mayo and get the results of my lab work. Apparently I’m as healthy as an ox. My good cholesterol is 42 (normal range is 0-30), and my bad cholesterol is 180, which is on the high range of normal. Go figure. *shrug*

Either way, Dr. Mayo won’t treat me for IBS w/o a diagnosis of IBS. She seems very reluctant to diagnose me with it. Truth be told, she seems reluctant to do much of anything, even dispensing OTC anti-diarrhea meds. =/

I’m journaling now to avoid having to watch the evening news w/ Diane Sawyer. Liberals. Sheesh. They are sooooo aggravating.

Swamp is being his normal Swamp self. He sees conspiracies around every corner. If I ever get like that, I hope someone will put a bullet in my brain-pan. =/



Pretty good day today. Uneventful, which I prefer over the excitement of Saturday morning. lol

Two people were taken out of the dorm, only one returned. The first (John) was led away in cuffs because someone “floated a kite” on him. He came back after they found he didn’t do anything wrong… I presume.

The second was out of his cell during count and apparently back-talked to Sgt. Morse (Arrrrr!). He didn’t come back. Oh well.

Money was not in the account this afternoon. Dad forgot to transfer the funds. Doh! Hopefully it shows up tomorrow.

Swamp is being very loud playing chess with DC. Ugh. He’s playing music blaring on his radio, then shouting over his headphones. Only he could play chess with that shit in his ears. =/

Ok. Maybe I’m a bit cranky. ;) lol



Another inspection day. Room looks so spartan without the Game of Thrones calender on the wall. =/

Nevertheless, I think we should pass without a problem today. I wish I could say the same for my dorm-mates. Just across the hall I see DC has his towels and rag in wrong placement on posts. That’s just from a glance, I’m sure there are other issues I can’t see from across the hall.

I’m on the afternoon call-out to hit the canteen with bag. This must mean my MP3 player is in. :) I’m very much looking forward to getting it and listening to music I care for. :)

More later.