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This visit with parents went very well. :) Yummy food. They might visit again tomorrow, but Dad cautions not to count on it. Mom is avoiding the stake conference, so they are free. But, the unstated thought was that visiting me is not exactly cheap. Disney food prices without the Disney fun. :/

Nose is healing. I think in a couple days you won’t even be able to tell I faceplanted. Nose¬†is stuffy though. So might be coming down with something. Actually, it alternates between running and being stuffy, as if it can’t make up its mind.

Had a growing urge to pick back up “Ouroboros” recently. Re-read it tonight. Not as bad as I thought it was, regarding writing or how it was left off. I can definitely see how to pick up the thread again. But, do I want to? It endangers my sobriety, but is it better to get it out of my head? I know purging the JoJ story helped a lot.

Probably pick it back up, but not certain. Must think about it further.



Had a good visit with Mom & Dad today. Yum-Yums! :)

So glad they came today. I find I live for visitation. :)

After “viso”, they didn’t let us return to our dorms. They brought the dogs in to sniff the visitation park and the parking lot. They also shook down B-dorm… again.

When will B-dorm learn to stop smuggling crap in!? Probably never *eye roll*

They (meaning staff) also inspected hair & facial hair for A & D dorms. Lots of people suddenly went bald when I was at visitation. ;) Mu-hahahahaha

Ugh… Swamp is weaving another conspiracy web of crap to DC. I don’t know how he (DC) can stand spending so much time with Swamp. Sheesh.

Ok. Off to read more. I’ll follow-up tomorrow.



“Super-Bowl Sauce” smells soooo good. :) Very garlic-y.

So, hopefully Scrabble set tomorrow. When I would play with Jennifer, I hated the game. She would trounce me every time, and it felt like she would belittle me. It’s strange. For someone with as large a vocabulary as I have, you would think I would do better at a game like Scrabble. =/

Been having this weird symptom over the past week. It’s only noticeable when I’m writing, but occasionally my eyes will rapidly go the entire range of motion left to right and left again at random. Actually, they run the range of motion two or three times. This is uncontrollable by myself. It barely disrupts my train of thought, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t at all. =/

I must keep tabs on it. =/ Hell, even if it gets worse, I don’t expect to get any help from Dr. Mayo. :(



Grrrr. I was robbed today. Sucks. They took everything that they could resell. What hurts the most is my electric razor and colored pencils. =/

It happened during 2nd yard. I noticed when I came back that my lock was missing. When I opened, I saw how much should have been there, but wasn’t. It would have been a good opportunity for a tumbleweed to blow across screen. Toothpaste: gone. TP: gone. Soap: gone. Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, PB, Soup, Cheese: All gone. Thermal top: gone. Shampoo, skin cream, and Q-Tips: Gone. Lock: Gone.

Like I said, anything they could resell was missing.

Luckily, my MP3 player was on me. I think that’s what they were looking for. =/

I was pretty fired up. I still am. But, in the end, it’s just stuff. It can be replaced. At least I’m safe. =/

Yeah, I don’t believe that last part either. =/



Remembered two dreams I had last night. Weird how they came back to me in the middle of the day. =/

The first was set in our old Langhorne home. I was bringing a female friend home. Not for nookie or anything like that. She wasn’t a girlfriend, I know that. Just a friend who happened to be a girl.

Anyway, she met Elena, who was there for some reason. Then I have to leave the house for some reason. I’m not gone long, maybe 30 minutes. When I come back I find one girl straddling the others lap (I don’t remember who). They are kissing. Some might say lip locked.

I just stand in the doorway, frozen. When I can finally speak, I can just ask “Oh. So this is the way it’s gonna be, huh?” The girl on top breaks the kiss and says, unapologetically, “Yeah, it is.”

That woke me up in the night, I guess it was a nightmare. =/ Even in my dreams I pine for, but can never have, Elena. She’s always just outside my reach. =(

The second dream had me working for Geek Squad again, but Best Buy had gone out of business. So Geek Squad was acquired by Radio Shack, of all outfits.

So it was a busy time in the store, and I’m trying to keep ahead. Suddenly someone tells me the coffin cooler where the milk is stored has failed, and the milk is going to spoil. Yes, in the middle of Radio Shack was a coffin cooler with gallon jugs of milk in it. I feel the jugs and, sure enough, they are just below room temperature. The cooler failed a while ago. All I can think of is “I have no idea how to fix this!”. Yet I know I must, as Radio Shack now sells milk, and I don’t want to let my employer down.

Then I woke up. =/

It’s strange. I never used to remember my dreams. Now I am all of a sudden, and both deal with my being incapable of getting what I want. =(

On the other hand, today I really have an urge to learn how to solder. =/



Three pieces of coffee cake this morning! Yum!!

It’s sad that that can make my morning. =/

Hopefully song credits will be on. Stevie wants new music! Stevie wants new music! (ala “Baby wants Blue Velvet!”)

Realized yesterday that, apart from accidental glances which I could not control, this is the longest I’ve gone without pornography in… God! 20 years. Wow. It’s also the longest I’ve gone without jerking off in 27 years?

You would think that, not having j/o in 6 months, I would be having wet dreams. But I’m not. Perhaps it’s my low-T. Perhaps it’s a tender mercy. Either way, I’m not complaining. :)

It would be difficult in here to have sheets washed more often than once a week, and my OCD wouldn’t allow me to sleep in soiled sheets. Ewwwww.

What a lovely mental image to close a journal entry on, don’t you think? ;)



Visited w/ Mom & Dad today. V. good. :) Had lots of chicken (but not fried, hehehehe) in honor of MLK day.

Today was also the public inauguration of Obama’s 2nd term. Ugh. Made it a point to have as little exposure to that farce as possible.

Call me a stick in the mud, (where did that term come from anyway?) but I don’t think holding a multi-million dollar party is the way to proceed when the country is in the state it is. Especially when it’s the taxpayers (who are already getting soaked) who are being forced to pick up the tab. =/

Looking forward to my MP3 player. They took the money out for it last week, so hopefully I should get it this week. Hopefully.

Looking forward to 12-step books. Really looking forward to freedom, and all it entails. :)

Ok. Time to pack up the journal. More tomorrow.

Same Bat-time. Same Bat-channel. ;)



Woot! “Clash of Kings” arrived today! :) It is physically larger than I anticipated. At first I was thinking that “B” ordered the large print edition, if such an edition exists.

Also, “Preach my Gospel” arrived today. Very much looking forward to reading that as well. I’m trying to view my incarceration as a mini-mission. I know it’s not really a mission, but aren’t all members supposed to be missionaries?

So far it’s two prisoners that I’ve ordered a Book of Mormon for, so I don’t think that’s too bad. *shrug*

Twin beef sticks were disappointing. Was expecting more of a “Snap into a Slim Jim!”, and got more of a… roller-food experience. On the other hand, peanuts very tasty.

Ok, They’ve called recall prior to lights out, so cutting it short before I’m in the dark. ;)



The big stories:

1) Isaac was a dud. It was like getting dressed up, renting the limo, buying lots of condoms, then going to IHOP & home.

2) The entire compound has stinky clothes. Apparently they are down to 2 dryers. The result is still wet clothing. To top it off, it doesn’t smell like they used any soap when they washed the clothes. Blech! Earl is going to be very busy hand washing clothes.

On the good news, I’ve found Velveeta spicy cheese makes pretty much any dish here better. :)

Still no mail from “B”, starting to become a little concerned. =/ It’s not like her to not write for this long.

I’m refusing to turn in sheets tomorrow if they are going to come back smelling like the inside of an ass. I’ll still strip the bed and everything. But I’m going to have my face pressed against these sheets. Making everything stink is cruel & unusual punishment.

Can’t wait to get out & play Skyrim. :)