I really meant to update this tonight.. but after getting themes worked out as well as Twitter.. eyes won’t stay open.

More later.


I’ve decided I’ve spent too much time obsessing over Ashley. I’m gonna try to stop making couple sentence posts about her. This is a blog after all, not Twitter.

I know, I know.. it’s easier said than done.. but I’m gonna try. =/

I hung out with Ken today after the meeting. He’s actually a nice guy really, and he’s VERY uncomfortable about this whole situation. He has a girlfriend already, a new baby, and a 5 year relationship. It’s not without it’s ups and downs, but overall he seems happy with it.

Just in the time it took us to have breakfast, SHE texted him 4 times. None for me of course, but I kinda am coming to expect that.

*shrug* oh well.

In other news, I was having a problem with the blog overnight, but it seems to have corrected itself. Weird, but I’m not complaining. Anyway, off to make another backdated post about Elena. Remembering happier times will do me good. :)



I just installed a new app for putting in my posts, BlogJet.. and the first thing it did is put in a pre-filled post advertising for itself. I don’t like that.. but I’ll give the software a fair shake, despite the rocky start.


Yes, yes, yes.. I know the site hasn’t been updated in FOREVER… that’s about to change. Lots on my mind. Be prepared to be bored.

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