I’ve noticed a troubling trend on Facebook. Virtual boyfriends.

I’m really wondering if I should find it amusing or disturbing. I can accept Farmville, Puzzle Pirates, etc. But a virtual boyfriend?

I have a friend who updates her wall about she just had a hot date with him or he just bought her flowers/chocolate. Oh look! He just gave her a kiss!

At what point does this cross over into crazy-cat-lady territory??

I know this is the pot calling the kettle, but does this strike anyone else as a bit odd? Isn’t this one step from inventing a girlfriend/boyfriend????

I’m not sure why this works me up as much as it does. It also seems like she is resigning herself to being single, so she’s making up virtual boyfriends on Facebook. It’s in-your-face isolation. I’m pretty isolated myself, I’m man enough to admit it. But even I, the quintessential geek, won’t start broadcasting on Facebook that I’m not only single, but so starved for attention that I’ll start dating some pixels.

I leave that stuff for it’s proper place, my blog.


This blog was and is my therapy. I refuse to be bullied or scared away from my own safe haven. I won’t be posting as much public stuff, but I refuse to go through the rest of my life with my tail between my legs. >:(





This will be my final blog entry. I’ve found out that my ex-wife and mother are reading this.

This website was a place for me to put my thoughts.

It’s no longer safe anymore.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.




My new obsession





(I have, I am)

To many of you who know me (once again, all one of my readers), you know that I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about my love of the Mac over the PC. Thus it might come as a shock when I tell you that my current Mac will most likely be the last one I purchase.

Whew! There, now that we have THAT out of the way, let’s really address why I’ve come to this conclusion.

BTW- This is NOT a “bash the mac” style post. If anyone stumbles across this blog what you will not find here is an indictment of the Macintosh computer or Apple in general. Or, at least, that’s the plan. What you will find is, I hope, a well reasoned argument on why the Mac is no longer right for THIS user.

First, let’s address why I chose the Mac vs the PC in the first place:

  1. Ease of Use – The Mac, by far, is one of the most easy computers you will ever use. Ever. Every piece of software that Apple puts in OS X is well thought out, flows well with each other, has a similar theme, etc. The old slogan that Apple had was “It just works”. It does JUST work.
  2. Viruses – They aren’t out the on the Mac. OK, Ok, I know there are a couple that have recently popped up on the internet. These are few and far between, and relativity easy to remove. Also, they only get installed because the user agrees (unknowingly) to install them. When I worked at Geek Squad I treated them as minor annoyances, rather than the possible decimator of data on their PC counterparts.
  3. Cool – Let’s face it. The Mac IS cool. It’s a status symbol. Go onto any coffee shop, college, library, etc and you will almost be assured to find at least one PC laptop with an Apple sticker on it.
  4. Stability – Uptime on a PC can usually be measured in hours, maybe days. Mac’s measure their uptime in weeks and months. OS X (the operating system that makes a Mac a Mac) is a very well thought out operating system.

So, with all that it has going for it, why would anyone want to switch back to a PC?

  1. Games – Let’s get the big one out of the way. Mac has made great strides over the last few years to bring more games to it, but BY FAR more games are out there for PC’s.
  2. Hardware – The Mac OS might be great, but the hardware frankly sucks. If you buy a top of the line Mac today, the hardware in it is usually at least 2-3 years behind the curve of it’s PC counterparts.
  3. Upgradeability – Going hand-in-hand with hardware, upgrading a Mac is usually very difficult. To replace the Hard Drive consists of virtually tearing down the entire machine. When I upgraded my Mac Mini to a SSD (Solid State Drive) it entailed removing the entire motherboard and CD drive assembly. The only notable exception to this rule is RAM. Recently Apple has made upgrading memory to be on par with the difficulty of upgrading memory in a PC. For everything else? Replace CD drive? Must use the Apple branded one. Motherboard shot? MUST use an Apple one. The long-and-short of it is that when you buy an Apple product, you are locked into what they want you to have and use.
  4. Lack of Control – Apple says you can use the Mac how you want to. What they have left off is the “… but only if we say it’s ok first.” On an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch have you ever wondered why you can’t use flash on them? Steve Jobs thinks flash is an insecure platform, so you aren’t allowed to use it on an iOS device that you own.
  5. Price – My god, Mac’s are expensive! Remember the example above about them being cool? I told you that you could find a PC laptop with an Apple sticker on it? You see these “ghetto macs” because people WANT the mac, but can’t AFFORD the mac. It’s a common joke when you talk about taking apart a mac for repair or (limited) upgrade for someone to ask if you found the invisible gold brick that makes the mac so damned expensive.

So, I’m planning my return to the world of PC architecture. I want to play games. I want control of the system I paid for. I want to be able to use any hardware that I can afford.

But, I’m going to do without having to rely upon Micro$loth. ;)

(or at least, as little as little as possible)

I started out at the age of 8 with a clone of the Apple IIe (a Franklin 2200 to be exact). It served our family well into my early teens, when dad bought a 286 machine with a 40MB Hard Drive. It came out of the blue. I imagine he bought it on a whim. I’m not exactly sure mom was too happy with him.

But I loved it. Gone were the days of amber and black. Full color! Games! YES!!!

Dad partitioned off 10MB of the hard drive for me and my games. I quickly filled it up and started placing excess programs on “his part of the drive”. Around this time I also discovered BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems). Thus began my descent into madness.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Soon I decided that I wanted to run a BBS, something I would need my own phone line and computer for. I bought a 486 machine and started to build my venture, The House by the Lake BBS. *insert cackle and rubbing of hands together*

(Ten points for your respective house if you get the reference)

All was well in my little world. I had a computer, some friends, and my little digital kingdom. Then a girl happened.

She was in Florida, I was in Pennsylvania. We spoke for hours almost every night. Do the math. Within 2-3 months I had racked up such a huge phone bill that I had to disconnect my line. The lake was drained and the house torn down.

Oh, and the girl? Yeah, that’s a post for another time. BIG story there.



This is an indicator of how bad the education system is.


This is why the other countries are laughing at us.


Oh. My. God.

This made my day.





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