Before you read the rest of this post, please, please, please, watch the YouTube video below. It will take about 30 seconds of your time.

Ok. As you saw, the above was a paid political advertisement by the Hillary for President campaign in 2008. She was campaigning for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States. Since then, Barack H. Obama became President, appointing her as Secretary of State.

Then Benghazi happened. If you aren’t aware of the controversy surrounding that issue, I suggest you do a quick Google search for it.

I ask you this. If she couldn’t make the right decisions as Secretary of State, why should we believe she would make the right decisions with even MORE authority?






So the “motivational speaker” was a sermon. I tuned it out almost immediately. Not because I’m anti-religion, but I believe a motivational speaker shouldn’t bring a religious message. They should be able to motivate on their own merits without piggybacking on a Judeo-Christian foundation. :/

To aid me in “producing” tomorrow, I’m eating 4 packets of Apple & Cinnamon oatmeal. That should flush me out. :) Of course, I just realized my guts won’t really have an “off” switch. :/ The things I do for science. :(

Finally hit my stride in Dance with Dragons. It’s about time, sheesh. 3/4 of the way through.

Anyway, enough writing. Must choke down another packet and a half of oatmeal.



So it wasn’t an escape, and it (probably) wasn’t short staff. For Black History Month we are having special guests from time to time. Tomorrow we are having the daughter of Ray Charles to speak to us. Thus, a stage was erected during 1st rec, and we didn’t get 2nd rec. Oh well.

I have two questions. First, why is being the offspring of a celebrity a reason for someone to be treated with reverence? So what? Her dad got busy and produced her. It happens every day and those children aren’t asked to speak in prisons. :/

Second, when is Caucasian History month? Or Asian History month? What about Hispanic History, or Arab History? Why do blacks get their dicks sucked, so to speak?

My family is immigrants. We had no part of the stain of slavery in this country. Why should we bear the burden of others actions based upon the color of our skin? For that matter, why should anyone? :(



So my hatred of American Idol is cemented. We were kicked off of the TV so people could watch AI. Grrrrr. Tonight is the new episode too. It’s not like the inmates can vote either, so what’s the appeal?

Of course, to be fair, I was interested in the Presidential race too, and I couldn’t vote. But it’s still a sad state of affairs when American Idol gets a more passionate and vocal support base than the fate of the free world. =/

Grrrr. I’m really pissy right now. I want to punch something.

I think I’ll lay down and try to relax/calm down. I seriously considered having an accident with the TV. A “scorched earth” even, if you will. That wouldn’t win me any friends. =(



Credits were not on my music account today. Boo-hiss-pout. ;) Hopefully they will be on tomorrow. My 9 songs are all well and good, but listening to them over and over gets repetitive. =/

Sat in medical all of 2nd yard today to see Dr. Mayo and get the results of my lab work. Apparently I’m as healthy as an ox. My good cholesterol is 42 (normal range is 0-30), and my bad cholesterol is 180, which is on the high range of normal. Go figure. *shrug*

Either way, Dr. Mayo won’t treat me for IBS w/o a diagnosis of IBS. She seems very reluctant to diagnose me with it. Truth be told, she seems reluctant to do much of anything, even dispensing OTC anti-diarrhea meds. =/

I’m journaling now to avoid having to watch the evening news w/ Diane Sawyer. Liberals. Sheesh. They are sooooo aggravating.

Swamp is being his normal Swamp self. He sees conspiracies around every corner. If I ever get like that, I hope someone will put a bullet in my brain-pan. =/



Visited w/ Mom & Dad today. V. good. :) Had lots of chicken (but not fried, hehehehe) in honor of MLK day.

Today was also the public inauguration of Obama’s 2nd term. Ugh. Made it a point to have as little exposure to that farce as possible.

Call me a stick in the mud, (where did that term come from anyway?) but I don’t think holding a multi-million dollar party is the way to proceed when the country is in the state it is. Especially when it’s the taxpayers (who are already getting soaked) who are being forced to pick up the tab. =/

Looking forward to my MP3 player. They took the money out for it last week, so hopefully I should get it this week. Hopefully.

Looking forward to 12-step books. Really looking forward to freedom, and all it entails. :)

Ok. Time to pack up the journal. More tomorrow.

Same Bat-time. Same Bat-channel. ;)



Nothing major to really report. Life continues on the same as ever. The above normal temperatures should abate, at least temporarily. A cold front is pushing through.

Billy tried to engage me in conversation yesterday on the way back from 2nd yard. I just held up my hand and said “I have nothing to say to you.”

That didn’t sit well with Billy, as I heard him muttering “M@ther F#cker” behind me. Oh well. I won’t try to harm him, but I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m going to be his friend after this.

Anyway, off to read Atlas Shrugged. I’m in the center of the John Galt monologue. 29 pages to go before Ayn Rand settles back into the story.

Hell, it’s my 4th reading of it. I knew it was coming, and it is a philosophy book after all. ;)



Thank God for ear plugs! Jeff is especially loud and profane tonight. =( Right now he’s talking about how much he wants to stick his dick in some actresses ass.

It’s when he gets this way that I really hate this place. It wouldn’t be so bad, if it was just quiet. =/ Sometimes I consider intentionally being sent to confinement, just for silence.

Rebels stormed our U.S. embassies in Libya & Egypt. They killed our ambassador & aids in Libya. The Libyan authorities just looked on.

That’s an act of war. Embassies are considered home soil. The fact that it happened on Sept. 11th is also no coincidence, I’m sure.

Anyway, off to either read scriptures or Don Quixote. :)



Today is September 11th. I was amazed and dismayed at how little attention was paid to it in prison. =/ I know I shouldn’t be, but… it was a defining moment for my generation. How soon we forget. =(

I know we shouldn’t make it our only defining aspect, but to let it pass with barely a mention seems to be disrespectful to those who lost their lives on that clear Tuesday morning.

Looks like my secret is out. Both Billy & Adam took me aside to talk about it. =/ *sigh* Oh well. I’ll just keep my head down & try to avoid pissing anyone off.

Yeah, easier said than done.

49’er should be moving soon, but I’ll believe it once he’s out of the dorm. lol Like before, I’m doing my best to stay out of his way.

Also, colored pencils finally came through. Better than I could have hoped for. :) Makes scripture marking so much better, and a taste of normality, so to speak.


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