I received a letter from Ed last night. Wrote back immediately. Some might say I was lonely.. and they would be correct. =/ It’s nice to hear from her and about the guild. I wish I could be more active in it. I feel guilty, being an absentee officer. =/

Anyway, I also received some books yesterday. I’m already reading “Swan Song“. It’s good, but depressing so far. I mean, how light-hearted can a book about the aftermath of nuclear war be? It’s to be expected.

I was also sent a new journal. It’s physically larger and very nice. :) It’s unlined, which causes me some concern, but I’ll live with it. The secret is to not make lots of journal entries to finish up this one, so I can start on the new one. I can see myself doing that. =/

I had a medical call-out this morning. I thought/hoped it would be w/ Dr. Mayo, so I brought my medical records. Of course, it was just a blood draw. Silly me, for a minute there I actually was deluded into thinking Dr. Mayo gave a shit. Speaking of which, it’s been over a month since I provided my “sample”, and still no word on what the results were, if any.

Anyway, more later… Must fill up this journal. ;)



Music credits showed up today and were very quickly redeemed. Yay! Something other than the same 9 songs! :)

Today we were greeted with our bunks and lockers being tossed during 2nd red. Fun. Was very pissed that they didn’t make any effort to treat personal property with respect. Should grieve it, but don’t want to make waves.

Bought a 2x thermal top today. Wonder if I bought my stolen one back. =/ Oh well, at least I won’t be cold at night.

Pic kicked my ass at Scrabble this afternoon. 97 to 198, I think. lol

Finished buying the last of my replacement toiletries today. Hopefully they will remain there until the domino is drilled properly. =/ That was supposed to be today, but they ran into technical difficulties. Tomorrow then.

Anyway, nothing else to report. More tomorrow.



“Super-Bowl Sauce” smells soooo good. :) Very garlic-y.

So, hopefully Scrabble set tomorrow. When I would play with Jennifer, I hated the game. She would trounce me every time, and it felt like she would belittle me. It’s strange. For someone with as large a vocabulary as I have, you would think I would do better at a game like Scrabble. =/

Been having this weird symptom over the past week. It’s only noticeable when I’m writing, but occasionally my eyes will rapidly go the entire range of motion left to right and left again at random. Actually, they run the range of motion two or three times. This is uncontrollable by myself. It barely disrupts my train of thought, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t at all. =/

I must keep tabs on it. =/ Hell, even if it gets worse, I don’t expect to get any help from Dr. Mayo. :(



Slept wonderfully last night! Room was dark, with low light from hallway. We have two little frogs that like to hand out on our window @ night. So cute!

Room also quiet @ night. V. cool. Swamp does smoke a couple puffs from time to time I learned. Disappointing. But, at least he doesn’t do it in his room, so that’s a positive.

Wrote 4 page letter to Auntie Ed tonight. Will mail it tomorrow. Wondering if I’m writing her too much and she will read something into that. Not quite sure if there isn’t any truth to it. Or, perhaps, just latching on to any female friendship I can find. =/

Thought about asking Ed if she thinks inviting Holly (Saigan) into my little coffee clutch/pen pal would be a good idea. Perhaps on my next letter. =/

Anyway, gonna lay down and wait for master roster.

Love this frickin’ dorm!!!



I’m writing this on the spare basketball court. Hopefully we will be transferring the population of B to D. They have emptied B and are in the process of emptying D. It makes sense, from a shakedown standpoint. *shrug* D is supposed to be better.

Looking forward to getting out and playing “The Sims 2”, of all things. *eye roll* Who would think that many millions could be made from having people play with an electronic doll-house?

Damn this shaking. Grrrrr.



10 days since I last wrote. Life plods along.

Karen & KFC came down last weekend. Nice to see them, even if it was aggravating to have Karen break into the middle of conversations with “I love you, Stevie-baby!”. *eye roll*

KFC has lost a lot of weight. She looks good, and healthy. Much better than the last time I saw her. Of course, the circumstances are very different now. She appears relatively happy, considering her youth & 20’s have been stolen from her. =/

Miss Madeline, Miss my room. Miss Skyrim something fierce. Oh.. and miss my parents too. ;)

Anyway, nothing of huge import to report. Might try mailing back my books tomorrow.



The big stories:

1) Isaac was a dud. It was like getting dressed up, renting the limo, buying lots of condoms, then going to IHOP & home.

2) The entire compound has stinky clothes. Apparently they are down to 2 dryers. The result is still wet clothing. To top it off, it doesn’t smell like they used any soap when they washed the clothes. Blech! Earl is going to be very busy hand washing clothes.

On the good news, I’ve found Velveeta spicy cheese makes pretty much any dish here better. :)

Still no mail from “B”, starting to become a little concerned. =/ It’s not like her to not write for this long.

I’m refusing to turn in sheets tomorrow if they are going to come back smelling like the inside of an ass. I’ll still strip the bed and everything. But I’m going to have my face pressed against these sheets. Making everything stink is cruel & unusual punishment.

Can’t wait to get out & play Skyrim. :)



Not a bad day today either. :) I received a couple colored pencil stubs today. Feel good to be able to mark my scriptures again.

Also hired what’s his face to make “B” an “I love you & Thinking of you” card. That should come as a surprise to her. :) Also loaned some guy a “soup”.

Received a letter from Ed today. Made my night. I can hear her FTHR voice in my head as I read her words.

Also received the Sept. Ensign. Read that almost cover to cover.

It seems to be a day for “also’s”. :)

Money came through today. Amazing how fast $50 can be spent at the canteen. =/ But I feel well set for the time being.

Part of what I bought was generic Q-tips. When I used them I could definately tell it’s been 3 months since I’ve been able to properly clean my ears. Ewwwwwww.

Anyway, quota fulfilled. Scriptures read. Lights will be going out in a couple mins.


P.S. – Must remember to order Bible & BoM for M.


Blue pill didn’t seem to harm me, darn it! Sean thinks it was probably Zoloft. Hey, could be worse. It could have been Viagra. Lol. That would be hard (huh-huh-huh) to explain in an all male prison.

It actually wasn’t a bad day today. The “Goon Squad” shook down E & F dorm, so we missed 1st rec. That’s always a good thing.

No letter for the past 2 days. It’s unusual to not get something at least every other day. Not worried, just surprised.

Hopefully “Clash of Kings” will come tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to reading it. Also, when I get out, must see who the red-haired chick (Wildling) is who played in Season 2. She was a surprise treat to look at. ;)

I think I’m going to get the ouroboros tattoo once I get out. The rebirth idea really appeals to me. Fresh start & all. :) Plus, “B” has already expressed her approval of the tat previously.

Another weekend looks closer. I think, or at least hope, that the storms coming our way will cool off the dorm. :)

Also know I’m gonna play the hell out of Skyrim once I get out. Maybe a Nord “Stark”. Hehehehehe. Winter is coming.

Ok, enough for now. Gonna try to get some shut-eye.




This is a game changer!

Needless to say, I preordered it. At $69.99 MSRP, who wouldn’t!?

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