Nothing major to really report. Life continues on the same as ever. The above normal temperatures should abate, at least temporarily. A cold front is pushing through.

Billy tried to engage me in conversation yesterday on the way back from 2nd yard. I just held up my hand and said “I have nothing to say to you.”

That didn’t sit well with Billy, as I heard him muttering “M@ther F#cker” behind me. Oh well. I won’t try to harm him, but I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m going to be his friend after this.

Anyway, off to read Atlas Shrugged. I’m in the center of the John Galt monologue. 29 pages to go before Ayn Rand settles back into the story.

Hell, it’s my 4th reading of it. I knew it was coming, and it is a philosophy book after all. ;)



Dragon Keeper kinda sucked. =/ 480-some odd pages.. going nowhere. Glad I won’t have to read the rest of the series. *eye roll*

Also finished “Voice of the Prophet”. V. good. I will probably hold on to that to consult/loan out to Adam and/or William.

Mom & Dad received PoA and kiss-ass card today. One day. Surprising efficiency for the DoC.

Spent time w/ Richard during 1st red on the yard. Also had William (Bill) accompany us. Not Peacock. Think I might have spent too much time in the sun. Might have gotten a minor sunburn, but nothing too major.

Finally had a good solid BM. Bleh. After taking pills for 4 days to firm me up, spent a good 1/4 roll wiping. What a lovely thing to log for posterity. ;)

Anyway, off to read and do master count.



Re: The above book – It was frickin’ awesome! Read 422 pages in 36 hours, including sleep, eating, and TV. So actual reading time would be 25 hours approx. That pretty much says it all. :)

Tired of prison. =/ There’s the constant smell of “taint”, dirt & grit everywhere, being ordered around, and meals that leave much to be desired. All these I can deal with. But smelling people light up their poor excuses for cigarettes every frickin’ night, back to back it seems, is really getting on my nerves. =(

Mom & Dad came to visit me today. We had a good visit & I ate well. I’m very lucky to have them. A lot of families are unable or unwilling to stand by their inmates while they are incarcerated. They (Mom & Dad) are a blessing. I never appreciated them on the outside. I think this experience will change all that forever.

Ugh! Someone just lit up. Grrrr.

Anyway, enough for now. This Depakote screws up my find motor skills. It sucks wanting to write more, but being unable to. =/



Wow. Been a while since I’ve written. Fell off the wagon and started putting pen to paper for “Oroboros”. Feel dirty, but glad at the same time to get it out of my head. Didn’t finish it, but keeping it around in case it rears it’s head again.

Reading lots of scriptures, along with President Monson’s books, Kingdom and the Crown 2, and re-reading Atlas Shrugged. Trying to stay busy.

Oh, Happy Birthday to me!! Strange to think of myself as 38. :/

Nothing really major to report. Days are flowing by, some slow, some quickly. “Like sand through an hourglass… these are the days of our lives”. *eye roll*

Ok, off to burrow under the covers and try to stay warm. The weather has turned suddenly cold over the past week. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was December.. oh.. wait.. ;)



Mom came to see me for Turkey Day. Dad’s sick. =/ We had a good visit. Bishop surprised me with a visit on Friday. He said he’s going to work with the local bishop to see if we can get some type of LDS meeting going here. Not sacrament, but probably something like home teaching. Woot! Also, he doesn’t think there should be a problem w/ garments getting through. Hopefully he’s right. :)

Mom visited yesterday (Saturday). Dad’s still sick. Probably fly. I hope he gets better soon. Still, we had a good visit.

Trying to cut down on the spending. It’s going to be difficult, but do-able. :)

Hopefully my books and/or magazines arrive soon.

Also, imagining teaching myself Dvorak while inputting these entries to the blog.

Also, also, really wanting an ouroboros tattoo. Probable location is my chest. Must think this through more.


Want to read Dust Lands by Moira Young


So apparently Jeremy did not get sent to confinement after all. He had spoken to a guard and said he was having problems with other inmates. So they transferred him from B-Dorm to C-Dorm. Rumor has it that they really are giving him a hard time over there. From talking to him (ewwww. brown spots on jagged teeth!) I believe the rumor. He didn’t look happy.. but, then again, you can’t really tell with Jeremy. =/

A Clockwork Orange screwed with my head. Very strange. Four stars.
The Chocolate War was a disappointment. Bleh. Two stars.

Weather has grown colder all of a sudden. Glad I bought some thermal long-johns and a sweat-shirt. Just in time. :)

Been having some very disturbing thoughts, sexually. Must think things through. *sigh*


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