Told Mike today what I was charged with. Went ok. Not as great as Larry at CFRC, but ok. Apparently the rumor had already started around the dorm, so I just confirmed what he asked. =/

Mike did surprise me by getting the group of guys who were giving me the stink eye to leave me alone, so that was very helpful.

The RNC convention is tonight. Well, the next couple nights. Looking forward to Chris Christi & Mrs. Romney speaking. Unfortunately, the stations won’t broadcast it on the radio until 10pm tonight. Fairly unusual time, but I’ll listen to it none-the-less.

Salazar appears to be enjoying “Game of Thrones”. Good. Feel like it’s validation after Sean didn’t care for it.

It’s threatening to storm… again. =/

Isaac has moved toward New Orleans & is expected to make landfall somewhere around midnight. I call that natural selection. ;) It’s their own damn fault for building & living in a city below sea level. Mu-hahahahahaha!!!! :)



Spent most of the day in the dorm, save for meals & medication. Tomorrow promises more the same. Going a little stir crazy, which is odd for me, considering. Minor dorm arguments have also started breaking out. Thankfully I haven’t been a part of any of them.

Mailed off homemade (prisonmade?) card and letter to “B” today. I think she’ll like it. :)

Impure thoughts have started to resurface. :( Must start reading & praying more. Primary answers, but the Lord never said effective had to be complex. :/

Card dude just came by to borrow radio. Was about to refuse, then realized I might need friends if my ugly truth came out. Figured 1 hour would be sufficient friendship. ;)

I learned today that on the outside people won’t try to talk to you while you take a crap. In here, it’s just another place for people to ask you for something. Was taking a crap when one of my dorm-mates asked if he could borrow my magic-shave. Ummmmmm.. ok. What am I supposed to say? My pants are around my ankles. lol

Anyway, one page pretty much filled. If I am ambitious, I MIGHT write more tonight.




So a thought occurred to me last night, right before bed.

Why do humans appear to be the only species that require an additional item after they expel waste? Yes, boys and girls, I’m talking about toilet paper!

Cats just drop their presents in the litter box and walk away. Dogs do their business and then go about their business. Birds are well-known as the animal equivalent of bombardier’s.

To the best of my knowledge, no primate uses leaves to wipe their behinds after they poop. So that would discount the evolutionary aspect of it. Chimps might use their waste as a weapon and fling it, but I’m talking about the necessity of using other material for hygiene purposes.

No-where else on this planet do you find another species who behaves in this regard.

Yet, I hardly feel people would choose this as our “claim to fame”. =/



So a thought occurred to me.

  1. Every yeah, millions of homes are invaded by an elderly man. The sheer volume of cases of breaking and entering would choke the entire judicial system if they were tried individually.
  2. We encourage this unlawful behavior by leaving tempting treats out for this man, who has a legendary sweet tooth.
  3. Annually we go out of our way to seek down this fat man. When we find him, do we have him arrested? No. We ask our children to sit in his lap!
  4. Justifiably, some children are terrified to be around such a hardened criminal. We insist they do it anyway, even over their express displeasure.
  5. Almost invariably, we pay a stranger to take photos of our children sitting in this lecherous man’s lap. We then save these pictures for them to remember the occasion once they have grown up. We also share these photos with friends and family members.
All of this is done under the blanket of “wholesome, traditional, family values”…. Am I the only one who see’s something wrong with this picture?

1) For someone as straight-laced as I, how do I know what marijuana smells like? I have NEVER even toked up, but I still can recognize the scent.

2) Why the hell does my poo smell like pot!!????



Welcome to a new feature on What Steve Thinks about, herein you will hear me bitch, moan, and gripe about stupid shit. Feel free to ignore it, this is me just venting about how fucking stupid some people are.

I won’t even attempt to put all my pet peeves into one post, because there are far too many to mention. But this will (hopefully) be a reoccurring theme here.

First, be aware of your surroundings. I’m not talking in the car. In the supermarket, at Wal-Mart, hell, even in the damn mall.

I was in Wal-Mart the other day, and couldn’t believe how many people just blithely stopped in the middle of the aisle to read boxes. Right in the middle of the fucking aisle!!! WTF? I suppose no one in the entire store can get their wheat thins today, because we can’t get around your fat fucking ass blocking the entire aisle with your cart parked right in the center.

But that’s not the worst of it. In America it’s generally considered that shoppers stick to their right hand-side of the aisle. Someone stops. That’s fine.. just like driving, you can pull into the “opposing lane”, pass them, and merge back to the right.

But nooooooooo, you fuckers pull up next to the stopped shopper, and stop yourself. Great! I would call it a rolling road-block, but you aren’t fucking rolling!!!!

You stop to chit chat, you stop to read labels, you stop to consult the shelf like it’s the disarm instructions to a freakin’ nuclear device!

Your Ding-Dongs will wait. There is no reason to effectively block the aisle because you need your Hostess fix.

Learn to pull the fuck over and consider other people for a change.

… and that’s what really grinds my gears.


The meaning behind the title to my previous post can be found in the lyrics to the David Byrne song “Now I’m Your Mom”.

He is a boy
You are a girl
And you will always stay that way
But there are people
In this world
Who’d like to change what nature made

And if you take that decision
Then they will make that incision – down below

The birds and the bees
Are singin’ for me
And this is the song I heard them singin’
Goin’ tweedle dee dee
Tweedle dee dee
But I never heard a word they’re tellin’ me

Oh little girl
Please understand
And listen to the words I say
I was your dad
Now I’m your mom
I hope you’ll comprehend someday

I didn’t mean to confuse you
And now I know that it’s hard to understand

The birds and the bees
Are singin’ for me
But I never heard a word they’re sayin’
Goin’ tweedle dee dee
Tweedle dee dee
Freedom of choice is what they’re bringin’

And when Columbus sailed
Upon that mighty sea
Well, we are just like him
Yes, we are pioneers

Into the great unknown
The wild uncharted lands
There ain’t no turning back
Ain’t gonna be no chains on me

Who would ever believe
Caterpillars like me
Turning into a butterfly
Well, I was suddenly free

The birds and the bees
Are singin’ for me
And this is the song I heard them singin’
Tweedle dee dee
Tweedle dee dee
Freedom of choice is what they’re bringin’

You know I’m man enough
Ain’t gonna run and hide
My love is mighty tough
My love is mighty wild

I got a pair o’ wings
And I’m gonna fly away
Too late to turn back now
Tomorrow came today – for me




What is this crap? I need to be up by 5am, go to bed at 1:30, and wake up at 4????

Seriously body, 2 1/2 hours sleep???


Anyway.. yesterday I was thinking (that’s why the blog is called what it is!). I don’t like still being mad at Ashley.

Don’t get be wrong, I have NO intention of getting back together with her, nor even being her friend. But staying mad at someone for SOOOO long wears on you, you know?

I was in the break room when she came into it. I finished my drink quickly and left without even acknowledging her existence. We never speak unless it is about her need for me to create a work order for a client.

I know she’s dating someone at the store. I know who. I don’t really care.

I know she did what she did with forethought. She set out to seduce Ken, and she did.

I just wish she would at some point apologize for the way she treated me. I’d like to put this all behind me. It was never really closed.

But, I know she’s too immature for that. She’s a child, and she’s acting like what she is.


It feels like I’ve been working a LOT recently. Which is odd, considering my hours have actually gone down over the last week or two.

Anyway, it feels nice to be getting my finances in order. I’ve totally paid off three of the four credit cards I have. This just leaves Capital One, which is the one with the highest balance. *sigh* It’s gonna be a while until that one is paid off.


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