Steve is a bipedal humanoid male who was indoctrinated into consumer culture during his early years by acting in commercials for a number of different companies. He has been a liberal democrat, a conservative Republican, and a “mind your own damn business” Libertarian. He is a non-card carrying non-member of MENSA (even though he tested within their recruitment guidelines).

For recreation, Steve can usually be found playing World of Warcraft or his PS3. For a time, he was also a part of a podcast dealing with how the Horde rules and the Alliance drools in World of Warcraft.

Steve is currently between jobs. Most recently he worked as a Geek Squad agent at Best Buy.

Steve currently resides in a suburb of Orlando with a feline companion. This feline companion is one of the only remaining things he kept from a painful divorce. The feline helps him remember how his ex-wife treated him every time he scoops the litter box.