The time change was interesting today. LOTS of people “parachuted” out of bed for breakfast this morning. We also had 3rd yard today… for all of about 20 minutes. Mu-hahahahaha.

Fallen from Babel was good… Obviously, as I read it in under 48 hours. Or perhaps it’s just because I didn’t want to be bored out of my skull. =/

My books SHOULD be here tomorrow. The problem is that I have a call out for property at the same time as my group therapy call-out. =( Hopefully I can arrange to pick up my books during 1st yard, or before my group therapy call-out time. Hopefully. *Fingers Crossed*

I’m going to have to get my ears checked when I get out. This having people repeat themselves 4-5 times is REALLY annoying. =(

Anyway, Master Roster Count. More… sometime.