Finally we were able to get out to the “yard” today. The previous two days we were locked down for yard because of the “cherry picker” on the compound changing out light bulbs in the poles. Why they do this when the days are getting longer (vs winter and shorter) is anyone’s guess. Typical DoC thinking.

Speaking of DoC thinking, I’ve realized the entire system is set up against me, hoping I fail. This isn’t paranoia (and even if it was, I wouldn’t recognize it as such), but a designed effort to set us at odds with staff.

Instead of helping us respect authority, to live within the bounds proscribed, we are ordered around by caricatures of everything that would make us wish to rebel. “Eat now, taste it later!”, “Stand over here. Now over there!”, “No talking in line!”, “Stay to the right of the yellow line!”, “Pick up trash!”, and being yelled at by the most vocal voice in the chow-hall that there should be no talking in the chow-hall.

It teaches us to resent all authority, to look for ways to break the rules, to train us that rules are arbitrarily laid down without a governing reason behind them.

Can you think of anything more at odds with rehabilitation?