I haven’t written for a couple days. Part of me says it’s because I’m running out of pages in this journal. But that’s a lie. There really hasn’t been a lot going on here.

It’s been cold the past couple days. =( I’m very much looking forward to home and windows that seal.

I’ve been fairly melancholy recently. Time seemed to fly by… until I got under a year to go, then the train seemed to slam on the brakes. =/ This sucks.

I’ve been listening to a LOT more classical music on my MP3 player. The classics reach a height of emotion and clarity that make recent music seem juvenile and ill-formed in comparison.

Swamp has been getting on my nerves recently. Almost everything he does causes my blood pressure to skyrocket.

Hell, I’ve been finding myself annoyed by LOTS of things recently. =/

Hopefully books will be here Friday to distract me.