So it wasn’t an escape, and it (probably) wasn’t short staff. For Black History Month we are having special guests from time to time. Tomorrow we are having the daughter of Ray Charles to speak to us. Thus, a stage was erected during 1st rec, and we didn’t get 2nd rec. Oh well.

I have two questions. First, why is being the offspring of a celebrity a reason for someone to be treated with reverence? So what? Her dad got busy and produced her. It happens every day and those children aren’t asked to speak in prisons. :/

Second, when is Caucasian History month? Or Asian History month? What about Hispanic History, or Arab History? Why do blacks get their dicks sucked, so to speak?

My family is immigrants. We had no part of the stain of slavery in this country. Why should we bear the burden of others actions based upon the color of our skin? For that matter, why should anyone? :(