Music credits showed up today and were very quickly redeemed. Yay! Something other than the same 9 songs! :)

Today we were greeted with our bunks and lockers being tossed during 2nd red. Fun. Was very pissed that they didn’t make any effort to treat personal property with respect. Should grieve it, but don’t want to make waves.

Bought a 2x thermal top today. Wonder if I bought my stolen one back. =/ Oh well, at least I won’t be cold at night.

Pic kicked my ass at Scrabble this afternoon. 97 to 198, I think. lol

Finished buying the last of my replacement toiletries today. Hopefully they will remain there until the domino is drilled properly. =/ That was supposed to be today, but they ran into technical difficulties. Tomorrow then.

Anyway, nothing else to report. More tomorrow.