Had a good visit with the family today. Very lucky to have them around.

Mom’s upset that Grandpop seems to have either forgotten or ignored her birthday yesterday. I feel for her. She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. Truth be told, she deserves to be treated better than most people have treated her. Myself included.

She’s a gentle spirit, full of love and patience. I think, once I get out, I’ll treat her as the elect sister she is. At least I hope I will. My track record has not been stellar in that department. =/

Ugh… Hot Dog is being very loud. He’s betting his chicken for the rest of the year on the 49’ers to win. This is why I don’t get into sports. All this excitement over a frickin’ game. Bleh!

Anyway, almost count time, and almost a full page. ;)

I’ll replenish my locker supply tomorrow, I think. =/