I had a very weird dream last night. Very weird, and very gay… involving Billy. Thankfully I didn’t dream of myself being a participant. It was some museum-ish place, where you could watch as much porn and live sex as you wanted, but the cost of admission was you had to watch the act at the end of the museum. It was Billy giving and receiving oral sex, then receiving a facial. Ewwwwww! :( Perhaps either Pic or Swamp referred to him as a “cock-sucker” before I fell asleep, and my mind went “Okay!”. *shudder*

That was a bad start to the morning, then, after breakfast, I decided to hook up my MP3 player to the kiosk to see if my ordered music was available. The good news is that it was. The bad news is that I wasn’t supposed to be at the canteen at that time. Oooops! The officer from A-Dorm placed me in handcuffs and wanted to send me to “the box”. Thankfully, Sgt. Campbell intervened and took me to Capt. Reed. After a brief chewing out, which I brown-nosed profusely during, I was released. Whew!

All in all, not a great morning. =/

More about the visit in tonight’s entry.