Pretty good day today. Uneventful, which I prefer over the excitement of Saturday morning. lol

Two people were taken out of the dorm, only one returned. The first (John) was led away in cuffs because someone “floated a kite” on him. He came back after they found he didn’t do anything wrong… I presume.

The second was out of his cell during count and apparently back-talked to Sgt. Morse (Arrrrr!). He didn’t come back. Oh well.

Money was not in the account this afternoon. Dad forgot to transfer the funds. Doh! Hopefully it shows up tomorrow.

Swamp is being very loud playing chess with DC. Ugh. He’s playing music blaring on his radio, then shouting over his headphones. Only he could play chess with that shit in his ears. =/

Ok. Maybe I’m a bit cranky. ;) lol