Money came through. :) Paid Pic to be my maid for February. He wins, I win, everyone wins.

Hopefully song credits will show up in the next day or two. Looking forward to having more than 9 songs to listen to.

Had medical call out today. Pointless. TB check-up, but I had one 2 weeks ago. Also have one tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully that one will be my test results.

Have to “tighten up”. =/ Didn’t hear the officer call recall today. So I was happily watching “That 70’s Show” when he came in and asked what I was doing. “Just watching TV, sir”. “It’s recall”. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t hear you call it.”

That’s like what the other guy got sent to confinement for. =/

Gotta be more careful. I’ve had way too much excitement recently for my liking.

Gee.. when did I become an old man?