Three pieces of coffee cake this morning! Yum!!

It’s sad that that can make my morning. =/

Hopefully song credits will be on. Stevie wants new music! Stevie wants new music! (ala “Baby wants Blue Velvet!”)

Realized yesterday that, apart from accidental glances which I could not control, this is the longest I’ve gone without pornography in… God! 20 years. Wow. It’s also the longest I’ve gone without jerking off in 27 years?

You would think that, not having j/o in 6 months, I would be having wet dreams. But I’m not. Perhaps it’s my low-T. Perhaps it’s a tender mercy. Either way, I’m not complaining. :)

It would be difficult in here to have sheets washed more often than once a week, and my OCD wouldn’t allow me to sleep in soiled sheets. Ewwwww.

What a lovely mental image to close a journal entry on, don’t you think? ;)