Dreamed about confronting Billy last night. Guess it’s to be expected, as his betrayal was on my mind.

Spoke w/ Adam today. He’s glad to be rid of Billy as well. I get the impression he only tolerated him for my sake. Hope he’s as good a friend as I suspect him to be. =/

One thing I learned from Adam was that Billy was saying he took the radio from “a baby raper with a 20 year sentence.” *eye roll*

I love how I’ve become more nefarious and twisted with each iteration on inmate.com. =/

I’m especially amused that this is coming from Billy, who is also a sex offender, having slept with a 15-year old girl.

Both Swamp and Sin are going to be assisting to ensure no harm comes to me. Swamp is especially spear-heading it with a frightening glee. Mu-hahahahaha.

Billy tried to grab my attention during lunch today. I just held up my hand and said I didn’t want to hear it. He tried several times, but I just kept cutting him off. He was in row 5, I in row 3. He’s obviously trying to back pedal. He has reason to be concerned. If only half of what I suspect is planned for him comes to fruition, he will be a very unhappy individual.

We originally thought he had stayed in A-dorm during 2nd yard, but then I saw him re-entering the dorm at the end of rec. So I guess he was hiding. Or plotting. *shrug*

Why do I suspect he’s going to check in soon? >:)