I was woken up around 2am (I think) by a guard who wanted me to come to the officers station. Once in there, they asked me to close the door and proceeded to ask if I had submitted an inmate request stating my room-mate (Pic) was going to harm a guard.

Ahhhh! So that’s how Billy was going to come at us. How…. ham-fisted.

Of course, it being true that Pic had made no such threats, I emphatically stated: No, that I never made such a request. The guard dialed on the phone and said into the receiver “That’s a no”. I was then dismissed to return to bed.

Now, who could sleep when a friend (and protector) is possibly being rail roaded? But should I wake up Pic? I thought about it for a good 20 minutes, and providence smiled upon me. Pic got up to pee.

Once he returned to bed, I grabbed his attention and filled him in on this recent development.

Note to future inmates: Trying to “jam-up” another inmates time is a REALLY bad idea. ;)

So, after discussing it for a while, Pic and I went up to the officer’s station to let them know that this “request” was a retaliation by Billy because of the radio.

The guard pretty much said (if not exactly said) “Why are you telling me this? It’s over.”

Ok. If it’s over, it’s over. Good enough for Pic, good enough for me. We returned to our bunks.

Still, I wonder how Pic will handle this? Mu-hahahahahaha.

He’s promised me to not tell anyone, not even Swamp.