Credits were not on my music account today. Boo-hiss-pout. ;) Hopefully they will be on tomorrow. My 9 songs are all well and good, but listening to them over and over gets repetitive. =/

Sat in medical all of 2nd yard today to see Dr. Mayo and get the results of my lab work. Apparently I’m as healthy as an ox. My good cholesterol is 42 (normal range is 0-30), and my bad cholesterol is 180, which is on the high range of normal. Go figure. *shrug*

Either way, Dr. Mayo won’t treat me for IBS w/o a diagnosis of IBS. She seems very reluctant to diagnose me with it. Truth be told, she seems reluctant to do much of anything, even dispensing OTC anti-diarrhea meds. =/

I’m journaling now to avoid having to watch the evening news w/ Diane Sawyer. Liberals. Sheesh. They are sooooo aggravating.

Swamp is being his normal Swamp self. He sees conspiracies around every corner. If I ever get like that, I hope someone will put a bullet in my brain-pan. =/