Temp has gone down faster than a freshman at her first party. ;) Brrrrr. Luckily, hot chocolate to the rescue. Super-yummy.

Spoke to parents. Mom hasn’t ordered journals or LDS 12-step stuff yet. Slightly disappointed, but won’t let it bug me.

Speaking of which… realized the other day that I’ll never see “buggy” again. Made me sad.

Jennifer wasn’t perfect, but she deserved better than what I offered her. I killed that marriage by inches.

I still love her, but I’m not in love with her, if that makes any sense. She shared 15 years of my life with me. No matter what else, I’ll thank her for those good times. I think the best way to honor those years is to not allow the mistakes I made during them to reappear.

All experiences can be learned from, if one is willing to put aside their pride.