Slept wonderfully last night! Room was dark, with low light from hallway. We have two little frogs that like to hand out on our window @ night. So cute!

Room also quiet @ night. V. cool. Swamp does smoke a couple puffs from time to time I learned. Disappointing. But, at least he doesn’t do it in his room, so that’s a positive.

Wrote 4 page letter to Auntie Ed tonight. Will mail it tomorrow. Wondering if I’m writing her too much and she will read something into that. Not quite sure if there isn’t any truth to it. Or, perhaps, just latching on to any female friendship I can find. =/

Thought about asking Ed if she thinks inviting Holly (Saigan) into my little coffee clutch/pen pal would be a good idea. Perhaps on my next letter. =/

Anyway, gonna lay down and wait for master roster.

Love this frickin’ dorm!!!