Mom & Dad are getting a Navy-ish Prius. Go Mom! Hehehehehe. Dad was originally opposed to it, but realized he would be hearing about it for (at least) the next 10 years if he didn’t acquiesce to Mom’s request. So, he let the Wookie win. ;) As the knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, “You have chosen…. wisely.”

In other news, SAA won’t let 3rd parties order materials for inmates. So I had to write a letter to the ISO, which I cranked out in about 2 hours, including an hour spent watching Jeopardy and The Big Bang Theory. :)

So I feel productive today.

Pic says I don’t belong here. Of course I agree. ;)

Also, struck deal with Pic for him to make beds and clean room for 1 bag of coffee a month. I view it as a good deal. :)

So, I’ve gone from having a valet (Bless) to having a maid (Pic).

Sheesh. Don’t I sound like a spoiled inmate? ;)