Dragon Keeper kinda sucked. =/ 480-some odd pages.. going nowhere. Glad I won’t have to read the rest of the series. *eye roll*

Also finished “Voice of the Prophet”. V. good. I will probably hold on to that to consult/loan out to Adam and/or William.

Mom & Dad received PoA and kiss-ass card today. One day. Surprising efficiency for the DoC.

Spent time w/ Richard during 1st red on the yard. Also had William (Bill) accompany us. Not Peacock. Think I might have spent too much time in the sun. Might have gotten a minor sunburn, but nothing too major.

Finally had a good solid BM. Bleh. After taking pills for 4 days to firm me up, spent a good 1/4 roll wiping. What a lovely thing to log for posterity. ;)

Anyway, off to read and do master count.