Been thinking of starting up a 12-step when I get out. Would the hospital allow use of a meeting room every week? Hmmmm.

Finished In His Wind. Not very well written, but the message was good. Can’t really knock a guy too hard when he’s out preaching the gospel (with what light has been given him).

It makes me think more seriously about writing my own book, and donating most (if not all) the proceeds to charity.

I still need to write more of it though… it shows my descent, but not being raised up out of my pit. This means it’s only 1/2 complete.

So one moleskine will be another journal, the other will deal with a possible book and/or my 12-step. I’m thinking 12 step should be on loose-leaf paper and stuck into the Moleskine pocket, so I can add as much or as little as I want.

Anyway, off to read the BoM. JC is about to appear in the Americas. :)