I would not was to be Billy right now. Swamp is plotting against him, Sin might be shortly after him, I’m pissed @ him, and a lot of my hallway (perhaps more) are upset with him. Oh! Pic is pissed at him too.

Who knew I had this many friends?

He borrowed my radio Friday evening, with instructions to return it Sunday morning. That didn’t happen. When I saw him at lunch he first tried to say it was stolen, then he sold it, then it was confiscated. I told him I didn’t care, he was responsible for it. He made some hint that there was nothing I could do, and that if I didn’t like it, I could fight him. I refused to be drawn into that.

Then he offered to take me to the officer who confiscated it. I tool him up on that offer. We walked back toward the chow hall, all the while him saying that since it was converted, it was contraband and we would go to confinement. I knew it was BS. Halfway to the chow hall he realized I had called his bluff. “Naw, I’m just fuckin’ with you dog.”

On the way back to A-dorm he kept saying how he knew people who wanted to kick my ass because of why I was here, and that he should just keep the radio.

I told him that both Swamp and Sin were looking out for me. To which he replied along the lines that it didn’t matter. I remember clearly him saying “Sin won’t do shit”.

I asked him to get the radio. He cautioned that the guards in the dorm would look at the radio and take it.

Damn, I’m too nice. :(

I said OK, bring it out 2nd yard. But, of course, we didn’t have a 2nd yard. =(

Pic grabbed the radio on the way back from dinner. Billy again tried to say he knew people who wanted to kick my ass. Pic replied “What business is that of yours? If they have a problem with Steve, tell them to see me.”

Bless Pic’s shiny bald head. :)

When I returned from dinner, Pic presented me with my radio on top of my locker.

It was at this time I knew something was wrong. The radio was in the case at a 90-degree angle. My name was not engraved on this unit, and another DC # was on it.

At first I thought Billy had traded out radios. Upon closer inspection, we saw that it was my unit, but Billy had sanded off my name and DC # from under the screen. He had scratched his DC # on to it, and had started to scratch “Zeismer” where my name used to be.

Obviously he had no intention of returning my radio. So he’s at the top of my shit-list.

The head phones were also broken, so I had to drop my selling price to Salazar from $20 to $15. =(

In the end, I’m glad that I got my radio back. But Billy tried to “play” me, and that will probably have to be answered eventually.

For the time being, I’m just going to avoid him. A ball has been set in motion where Billy will get his comeuppance soon enough. Mu-hahahahahaha! >:)