Laundry & sheet day today. Hopefully my damp sheets will have dried sufficiently before bed. =/

It was actually a pretty nice day today. It started out chilly, then turned beautiful, now it’s turning chilly again. If the sheets are wet, this does not bode will for our hero.

Two questions from today:

  1. Why is there a phrase “As drunk as a skunk”? How drunk are skunks exactly. Is there an epidemic of alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver in skunks? Is the famous odor of skunk simply a fart from too much beer? Or do skunks prefer wine or liquor? It can’t be just because skunk and drunk rhyme, can it?
  2. Why do testicles hurt so much from glancing blows, let alone full impact? You would think placing such a sensitive, nerve packed organ in such an easily injured spot is either poor design or bad evolutionary practice. =/