Mom came to see me for Turkey Day. Dad’s sick. =/ We had a good visit. Bishop surprised me with a visit on Friday. He said he’s going to work with the local bishop to see if we can get some type of LDS meeting going here. Not sacrament, but probably something like home teaching. Woot! Also, he doesn’t think there should be a problem w/ garments getting through. Hopefully he’s right. :)

Mom visited yesterday (Saturday). Dad’s still sick. Probably fly. I hope he gets better soon. Still, we had a good visit.

Trying to cut down on the spending. It’s going to be difficult, but do-able. :)

Hopefully my books and/or magazines arrive soon.

Also, imagining teaching myself Dvorak while inputting these entries to the blog.

Also, also, really wanting an ouroboros tattoo. Probable location is my chest. Must think this through more.


Want to read Dust Lands by Moira Young