Received a letter from Ed last night. Made me feel a LOT better to know she hadn’t abandoned me. Also received a postcard from “B”, though not sure if or how to respond to it. If there is no future for us, having her continue to spend money on me smacks of how I finished off Jennifer. =/

Parents told me that Jennifer knows I’m in prison. Oh well. I find I care less and less of her opinion of me the longer we’ve been divorced. Not that I want to become one of those stereotypical ex-husbands, but she has her life, I have mine. No matter how screwed up it is, it’s mine.

Erina knows as well. She’s avoiding me. Parent’s said she told them that’s why she wasn’t calling, for fear I would answer. This one does bother me. It’s not like I can be divorced from her, and I am her Godfather after all. =/ I’m hoping she’s not thinking I touched her, because I know that’s not true. =/

Anyway, off to nap before another grueling day of boredom in prison.