Today is September 11th. I was amazed and dismayed at how little attention was paid to it in prison. =/ I know I shouldn’t be, but… it was a defining moment for my generation. How soon we forget. =(

I know we shouldn’t make it our only defining aspect, but to let it pass with barely a mention seems to be disrespectful to those who lost their lives on that clear Tuesday morning.

Looks like my secret is out. Both Billy & Adam took me aside to talk about it. =/ *sigh* Oh well. I’ll just keep my head down & try to avoid pissing anyone off.

Yeah, easier said than done.

49’er should be moving soon, but I’ll believe it once he’s out of the dorm. lol Like before, I’m doing my best to stay out of his way.

Also, colored pencils finally came through. Better than I could have hoped for. :) Makes scripture marking so much better, and a taste of normality, so to speak.