Finished the Q-Continuum book. Good build up, lousy resolution. =/

So “B” apparently warned Mom & Dad about her letter. She didn’t consider it a “Dear John”. I do. Honestly, I think I’ve wanted out of this relationship for a while. I think I’ll use this excuse. =/

Been a lazy day. They were right, it was treated like a weekend. *shrug*

Figured out that I’ll have 77 weeks to go this Thursday. Seems like a lot, but I really know it’s not. Doesn’t matter, starting to feel hopeless again. Feel like ramming my head into the furniture and/or walls.

Hope the library opens tomorrow. Want to exchange out my books.

Ok. Enough for now. Not loaning out radio to drawing dude anymore because:
1) Batteries should be getting low.
2) He’s reprogrammed #5 on FM1 twice now. =/