Woot! “Clash of Kings” arrived today! :) It is physically larger than I anticipated. At first I was thinking that “B” ordered the large print edition, if such an edition exists.

Also, “Preach my Gospel” arrived today. Very much looking forward to reading that as well. I’m trying to view my incarceration as a mini-mission. I know it’s not really a mission, but aren’t all members supposed to be missionaries?

So far it’s two prisoners that I’ve ordered a Book of Mormon for, so I don’t think that’s too bad. *shrug*

Twin beef sticks were disappointing. Was expecting more of a “Snap into a Slim Jim!”, and got more of a… roller-food experience. On the other hand, peanuts very tasty.

Ok, They’ve called recall prior to lights out, so cutting it short before I’m in the dark. ;)