I’m drowning out Jeff’s singing at the moment. 101.1, thank you! :)

Well, obviously still alive. Skipped all my meals today. Figured 3 days w/o water would strain my system, if MythBusters is to be believed.

But, Mike talked sense into me, without realizing it. Thank you, Mike. Had a bowl of Raman and two faux-chocolate milks. Feel better I guess.

Though I did piss off 49’er by scooting my butt up on my bunk. Mike says he overheard 49’er say he would have to get rid of me like the other people he got rid of. Supposedly 49’er doesn’t do it himself, but “hires” someone to “start shit” w/ me. Honestly, I welcome the opportunity. It’s one way to get me out of here, albeit feet first.

Honestly must say I’m disappointed in Elena. No letter. I’m guessing we weren’t as good friends as I thought. Even if it’s not romantic, I thought she would at least write me. So much wasted time. Maybe this is Heavenly Father’s way of making me appreciate what I do have. =/

Enough for now. Maybe more later tonight. If not, tomorrow.