Inspection tomorrow – Meh

Isaac coverage still on TV – Aggravating

New Orleans flooding – Smug “I told you so”

Read “Left Behind” in about 26 hours. Very fast read, and not really doctrinally different than my understanding of LDS doctrine, but I could be wrong. Pleasant read, much better than my last “Christian” book I read here, “The Unseen Essential”. That was a little too “pat” and made the suspension of disbelief difficult.

Ann Romney was good last night, and it makes me upset to see the liberal media try to pick her speech apart, but then I remember they are the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Still stings, but puts it in context.

So hopefully “Clash of Kings” will arrive soon. =/ I could always read “Tribulation Force” too.

Anyway, close enough. I want to listen to the talking heads. I’ll try not to yell at the radio. ;)