Inspection didn’t go well, which is surprising. I thought we did well.

Tonight is the last night of the RNC. Very interested in hearing Marco Rubio & Romney.

Dad’s been approved for visitation, but not Mom yet. I’ll probably get a notice about her tomorrow night. :) It will be nice to see them again. Last time was through a pane of plexiglass. =/

Next in “Left Behind” series was mutilated. Grrrr. Back cover & last couple pages missing. What’s the point of reading a book if you can’t read it’s conclusion?

Still not king, damn-it. Hehehehehe

Also, no “Clash of Kings”. Have to believe it’s coming tomorrow.

No letter from “B” in about 2 weeks it feels like. If nothing tomorrow, I’ll write a letter to see what’s up. Concerned.

Miss freedom. Find myself fantasizing about the open road often. I think it’s a healthy fantasy, and better than other things I could be dwelling on.

Really starting to think transportation gig is locked in. :)