The big stories:

1) Isaac was a dud. It was like getting dressed up, renting the limo, buying lots of condoms, then going to IHOP & home.

2) The entire compound has stinky clothes. Apparently they are down to 2 dryers. The result is still wet clothing. To top it off, it doesn’t smell like they used any soap when they washed the clothes. Blech! Earl is going to be very busy hand washing clothes.

On the good news, I’ve found Velveeta spicy cheese makes pretty much any dish here better. :)

Still no mail from “B”, starting to become a little concerned. =/ It’s not like her to not write for this long.

I’m refusing to turn in sheets tomorrow if they are going to come back smelling like the inside of an ass. I’ll still strip the bed and everything. But I’m going to have my face pressed against these sheets. Making everything stink is cruel & unusual punishment.

Can’t wait to get out & play Skyrim. :)