The day of the monsoons. ;) Three thunderstorms today. It was heavenly. Got soaked in the 2nd one, which was during dinner. Was very amused at people running to and fro, as if they could outrun the raindrops.

Good possibility that 49’er will be transferring dorms. Can’t say I’ll be unhappy to see him go. He’s like the grumpy old man in the neighborhood. If your ball lands in his yard, you just call it a loss instead of trying to retrieve it.

Mail call should be soon. I’ll probably get something from “B”, to which I’m glad. Still holding out a candle of hope that I judged Elena prematurely & she’ll surprise me with a letter. I know, I know.. fat chance. I’ve pretty much realized she has made her choice, but I still hope against hope. Feel guilty that, after all this time, still dwelling on Elena. “B” deserves a man who can give all of himself to her. Don’t feel as I can do that right now. Hopefully by the time I’m out that will have changed.

Also given up that Sgt. Bauers will meet w/ me re: garments & colored pencils. Trying “alternate routes” for the colored pencils. Have to think about who to speak to about having the garments shipped in. =/

Anyway, could almost here, and I’ve met my page-a-day quota. ;)