Spent most of the day in the dorm, save for meals & medication. Tomorrow promises more the same. Going a little stir crazy, which is odd for me, considering. Minor dorm arguments have also started breaking out. Thankfully I haven’t been a part of any of them.

Mailed off homemade (prisonmade?) card and letter to “B” today. I think she’ll like it. :)

Impure thoughts have started to resurface. :( Must start reading & praying more. Primary answers, but the Lord never said effective had to be complex. :/

Card dude just came by to borrow radio. Was about to refuse, then realized I might need friends if my ugly truth came out. Figured 1 hour would be sufficient friendship. ;)

I learned today that on the outside people won’t try to talk to you while you take a crap. In here, it’s just another place for people to ask you for something. Was taking a crap when one of my dorm-mates asked if he could borrow my magic-shave. Ummmmmm.. ok. What am I supposed to say? My pants are around my ankles. lol

Anyway, one page pretty much filled. If I am ambitious, I MIGHT write more tonight.