Kinda down right now. “B” sent a letter finally. She’s laid down the law, no visitation until after my probation is over. I can see why she did it, but still takes the wind out of my sails.

She also said she doubts my story. That hurt even more.

Got the feeling I’m being pushed away. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a relief or not. I’ve expected it since I went in. It certainly frees me up to follow my (new) dream of a transportation business. Having an absentee father is no way for a child to grow up. Trust me, I know. =/

But, at the same time… it’s better to have tango’ed at all, as they say in “Rent”. ;)

This might be why I haven’t received “Clash of Kings” yet. It if doesn’t arrive by next Friday, I’ll assume “B” never ordered it, and ask parents to obtain it for me. *shrug*

Winter is coming.