Mentally feeling slightly better. 49’er still pissy. He tried to unhinge me by shaking my bed late this morning. How childish. Luckily, I was just relaxing, not sleeping. I just looked down at him and said “thank you”. Doubt it’s the response he was hoping for. He did seem disappointed. Trying to be the bigger man, but I can be vindictive too, should the need arise.

Hopefully won’t be necessary though. I put in a sick call request this afternoon for my “back pain”. Really just hoping for a lower bunk pass. That should separate us, and thus resolve the issue. I hope.

Writing this in the front TV room. Steelers vs. Colts. I hate watching football, but it’s the only spot that has a free table at the moment. Bleh!

Getting tired of everyone coming to me to try to wheel and deal. Grrrr. Just want to do my time and GTFO.

Truck and trailer pipe-dream still going strong.