You know.. I really hate to complain (I know, that seems to be all I do on this blog recently) about work. There are plenty of people who would love to have a job in this economy, shitty or not.

It just seems like Best Buy is cutting really deep. I don’t know if this is indicative of a larger issue. A manager told me a couple weeks ago that the last couple years have not been kind to Best Buy. I say that on a public forum like this because, hell.. look at our stock prices over the last 24 months. =/

Anyway.. today I come in to work at 3pm to find that one of the agents has called out. His fiance is about to pop any day now, so I can’t really fault him for missing work. Josh is leaving at 3, Kyle at 4. I’ll be all by myself for the rest of the evening. Oh, and did I mention that since it’s Monday, I have to get ALL the shipping done that’s been piling up over the weekend? While helping clients. While trying to answer the phone? While trying to decide if units that customers have returned are able to be put back out for resale?

It was not the best day in the world.. not the best day at all. =/

Anyway, to get back to my other point. I’m starting to think that maybe the days of the big-box retailers are numbered. How can we compete with the selection of Amazon? We can’t compete with the pricing usually. Hell, most Blu-rays I order from there myself. Their pricing sometimes even beats my employee discount.

Circuit City went belly up and was bought by They also own CompUSA too. Staples, Officemax, and Office Depot? Give me a break? When was the last time that you went in one of their locations and didn’t feel yourself rattle in there? I know that at least for the last 5 years, in both Indiana and here whenever I would enter an office supply store that I’m usually the ONLY customer in the store. A business can’t survive like that.

h.h. Gregg? Even pricier than Best Buy. Wal-Mart undersells a lot of other retailers. Their business model seems high volume, low profit. It seems to be working for them, so more power to them.

I know the only reason that my Best Buy is in the location it is is because most senior citizens are reluctant to order things online. They want to handle things with their own wrinkled and arthritic hands. But they are dying off. How much longer can we remain profitable when more and more people become more comfortable ordering online?

Listened to: One Of My Turns from the album “The Wall [Disc 1]” by Pink Floyd