I just received a call from Josh, my supervisor at Geek Squad.

Last night I decided to be a nice guy and help a couple out. Their video card had gone out and their know-it-all son had sent them another. Unfortunately, it was an AGP card, when they needed a PCI Express. They were down on their luck, and tight on money. I sold them the right video card at normal price and installed it for them at the counter at no cost.

We normally charge $49.99 for that. But, as I said, they were tight on money. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. So I decided to try to help them out. I didn’t charge the install fee, and I didn’t make a service order. I simply installed the card and sent them on their way with instructions that they needed to install the video card drivers from the CD that came with the card.

Apparently no good deed goes unpunished. They came back today because they couldn’t get it to work. They couldn’t understand why the agents at the counter couldn’t do it right then and there, and why they wanted to charge.

*eye roll* I’m pretty sure I’m gonna at least get bitched at by Josh and/or a manager. I might even get written up.

I try to be a nice guy, and get in trouble. I follow SOP, and I get in trouble.

This is such utter and complete bullshit.