Whether you are liberal, conservative, communist, libertarian, centrist, statist, tea party, or polka-dotist; you have to admit that the economy sucks. This holds true nationwide as well as at the local levels.

Therefore, I give you notice that if you ask me to vote on ANY provision that contains the phrase “The fiscal impact cannot be determined precisely.” (or similar wording), I WILL vote NO on it every time.

I refuse to give any government a blank check for spending. They have shown us time and time again that they can’t manage their budgets. Why should they expect us to believe this is any different. Give me a number, and I’ll consider it. If you ask me to vote on something without knowing what it will cost me, I’ll say no.

It’s almost as insane as “We need to pass the bill, so we can know what’s in it.”

“You should never hand someone a gun unless you’re sure where they’ll point it.”
-Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
Commanding Officer
Babylon 5