Ashley finally got around to texting me again. I swear, why did I ever get involved with her??

Once again, I didn’t edit either of our texts. What you see below is what each of us sent. I’ve tried to preserve the formating as best I can.

A: I understand that you’re mad and that you’re feeling hurt, but you need to stop telling everyone about my business. Its my business and ken’s. What happenede happened, get over it. We fucked up and we’ll deal with it our own ways. But you listen here, you stop talking about me or I will remedy the situation in a way that you will not like.
S: When you are ready to talk about this in a calm manner, you know where to find me.
A: There is nothing further to discuss. I will not go to you. I will not speak to you again. You got your warning now I suggest you heed it.
S: And you not speaking to me is different than now… How?
A: I am not going to speak to You. But if I continue to hear anything about what happened between me and you or me and ken from anyone I will remedy the situation. I won’t tell you how, but you won’t like it. That’s it.
S: This conversation is over. I do thank you, however, for giving me evidence for a prosecution in the event of any physical or monetary damages I might incur in the future. ta-ta!
A: You are truly an idiot if you think I’m going to hit you.
(I didn’t think she would hit me, I thought slashed tires or keyed car was more likely. It seems more her style.)
S: Once again, this conversation is over.
A: Apparently not if you keep texting me rofl.
S: And yet you keep texting me too. Nice broken phone, btw.
A: If I’m texting you how is it working? It works pertfectly fine. My god you’re acting like a high schooler.
S: Goodbye, Ashley.
A: Do me a favor, if you’re gonna cry take a pciture and send it to me. I wanna see. =)
S: Goodbye, Ashley.
A: Aw.. No picture? Thats weak bro. Have a great night!
S: Goodbye, Ashley.
S: I’ll be the adult here. I will stop talking about you and your business. I was hurt and looking for SOME reason for your behavior, since you refuse to explain anything to me. But, understand that I don’t do this because you threatened me. I do it because, for 2 1/2 months, you made me happy. I doubt you will care why I did it, just so you got your way. Goodluck Ashley