Why is it always at night that my strength is better?

Thinking about all the crap she’s put me through, I realize that I’m too good for her. I’m not saying I’m the end all and be all.. but I never considered cheating on her. I never raised a hand or my voice to her. I put her on a pedestal, and tried to grow wings just to be near her.

One day she’s going to realize that she’s thrown away the one person in her life that loved her unconditionally. The one person who would have always been there for her, never let her down. I would have always been a shoulder to cry on, a person to kiss away her tears.

But she decided that it wasn’t good enough. She discarded me like I was nothing. It hurts.

But, I’ve come to realize, I don’t deserve the way she’s treating me. I deserve better than this.

She’s burnt a bridge. I’m on one side, she on the other, and the gulf is wide.